Sinade’s Jewellery Spring Clean

The fabulous Sinade, store manager of Solihull was inspired by Katie’s Spring clean and has sent over photos of her beautiful jewellery collection, before and after.

sinade before

Sinade has been with us for nearly 8 years, so understandably she has a pretty impressive jewellery collection. Sinade admitted that most of the time her jewellery box looks like the above photo!sinade after1

After a spring clean and lots of sorting her jewellery is all back in their designer packaging and organised beautifully.

sinade after2

We love Sinade’s dressing table because it’s so her! Princess bottles and pink bows, totally fabulous just like her. Good luck keeping it this tidy Sinade x

In Sinade’s jewellery box, Nikki Lissoni, Thomas Sabo, Jennifer Zeuner, ChloBo, Otis Jaxon, Alex and Ani.

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