What you Need to Know About Cleaning Your Silver Jewellery…

Spring is in the air so we’re having a fabulous Spring Clean. First up, here’s our do’s and don’ts of cleaning your Silver jewellery…


Do silver dip your 925 Sterling Silver jewellery to keep its brilliant shine. Always read the instructions of the product you’re using, only use on 925 Sterling Silver and protect your hands/clothing/surfaces while using it.


Polish your Silver. You’ll be amazed the difference a polishing cloth will make, even if you don’t think your Silver looks tarnished. Simply buff your jewellery with the cloth to remove surface dirt and bring back its shine.


Check your item is 925 Sterling Silver before treating it like Silver, you’re looking for a hallmark reading 925 on the item – that assures you it is 925 Sterling Silver.


Store your Silver jewellery separately and out of moist areas, you can use the silicone sachets from new shoes to prevent moisture entering the packaging.


Never silver dip any item that is oxidised. Oxidised jewellery has ‘blackened’ detailing, for example Pandora charms have elements that have been purposefully tarnished to provide depth or texture, and Thomas Sabo jewellery also has oxidised elements like the Karma collection. So only ever silver dip jewellery that has a shiny appearance.



Silver dip any items containing stones or pearls, silver dip is a strong solution and can strip the colour from these items particularly pearls, coral, turquoise and opals. If you’re not sure, don’t dip it.


Put your jewellery on first when you’re getting ready. Perfume, moisturisers, deodorants will all tarnish your jewellery quicker than normal, so make it the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

If you’re not sure, drop us a tweet, email us (jewellery@fabulouscollections.co.uk) or visit the contact us section on the website! We’d be happy to give you advice on how to look after your fabulous jewellery!

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