Story of the Month #WhyIWear Alex and Ani: Memories by Rhian


I’ve been collecting Alex and Ani bangles for over a year now, I love the look, the sound they make jingling on my wrist, but most of all I love what they say about me, the people that bought them for me and the positive affirmations they bring me. Here’s my stack and #whyIwear them…


Rhian with her Dad on her 30th Birthday

Rhian with her Dad on her 30th Birthday


I added the Nile and Euphrates bangles to add some texture to my stack, the ‘love’ bangle I fell in love with when I saw it and I like to remind myself to feel love in everything I do. I chose my Disc bangles to represent what’s important to me, the Path of Life reminds me that everything happens for a reason, the Om acts as a reminder to be calm and do as I would be done by, the Eye of Horus is a beautiful symbol which represents intuition and protection and reminds me to trust my instincts. The feather I bought on Mother’s Day for my Mum, who loved Native American Indian culture and always wore feather jewellery, it is my reminder that she’s with me every day.



1. Gold Nile, £33 – Silver Euphrates, £33  2. Vintage66 Love Wrap, £41  3. Gypsy66 Wrap, £50  4. Path of Life, £24 – Om Disc, £21  – Eye of Horus, £21 – Small Feather, £24

Rhian wears her Alex and Ani bangles to celebrate Memories – let us know which bangle you’d choose to remember someone special and why with #whyIwear. Tweet us, email us ( or post your comment on our Facebook page or on Instagram. Each month we’ll reward our favourite story with a £20 voucher towards your next bangle.

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