5 fabulous DIY Thanksgiving Table Settings

This year at fabulous we welcomed some amazing American brands, so we’re celebrating Thanksgiving by putting together our ultimate guide to the holiday season in America. Today, we’ve scoured Pinterest to select our favourite table decorations for your Thanksgiving feast!

1. Pine Cones

Keep it simple and rustic with this fabulous idea. Simply saw a slim channel in the pine cone and slip a personalised note or name tag in the gap, co-ordinate with long slim candles in neutral shades for a chic look.

pine-cone-table-settings2. Feathers

Add a bit of glitz to the proceedings with these beautiful dipped feathers. Simply paint PVA glue on to the tips of feathers and dip them in gold or silver glitter. Simple yet stunning.


3. Rosemary Sprigs

We love the idea of adding herbs to your table settings, these simple cards feature a sprig of fragrant Rosemary adding a warming scent to your table. Simple and elegant, add festive candles for an array of nostalgic scents.

rosemary-table-settings4. Orange and Cloves

This traditional Christmas decoration is a great Thanksgiving addition, get creative with your designs with initials, hearts or classic stripes. This is another great way to bring warming scents to the table.

orange-clove-table-settings5. Leaves

We love this downloadable template of leaf cutouts which you can customise with names. For an added wintery touch char the sides with a candle for a browned edge, or spray them gold. You can add acorns or pine cones, or simply place them on a white napkin.


Are you having a Thanksgiving feast this year? Which decorations will you make? Let us know in the comments box below!



Images courtesy of Pinterest, click the images to see their original source.

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