Fabulous Futures: Rebecca Neil’s Work Experience with fabulous

Last week I had an amazing week of work experience with the Fabulous team as part of my ‘fabulous future’s award which I won in June.


My first day was a big catch up with Jo and Sinade to see what I had been up to since my Graduate show at the School of Jewellery. They quizzed me to see what I needed major help in to progress with my collection and business. We went through so much in that day, from advertising, to point of sale and marketing. I also went to the Leamington spa store to see what other designers provide retailers with to display their work on, back drops behind the jewellery and stands on which they’re presented on, all things I needed to consider, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a jewellery collection that I didn’t think about before.

Tuesday was especially interesting with a visit to London. I sat in on a buying meeting with Jo and Sinade and the Brand Folli Follie to get a better idea of what the retailer expects when they are presented with a new jewellery collection. I took a look around the royal exchange to do a bit of research on the shops I’d love to sell my jewellery in, as Jo and Sinade pointed out how important it is to know your target market. We visited the Pure exhibition to see how designers presented their work at this kind of event and I’m really looking forward to having a finished collection and setting up at one of these tradeshows as you never know who could come along and want to sell your jewellery!

Wednesday I had a go at some visual merchandising in the store. It’s always a lot easier to organise another designer’s collection than your own! I spent the rest of the day with Rhian (fabulous eCommerce manager) taking a look at the benefits and importance of social media and a professional website. I have the word ‘blogging’ now permanently carved into my brain! I’ve been a bit lazy with the blog side of things because I found it difficult to think of what to write about but Rhian came up with a great list of subjects I could use and I know she will be watching out to see if I use them!

The next day I had a really lovely day in bath with Jo Stroud and the Fabulous Bath store team. No matter which fabulous store you go to the sales team are so welcoming and friendly! I sat in on a watch buying meeting where I realised how much thought is put into the customer. Jo and Becky were really tapped in to the “fabulous” customers mind and knew exactly what they would and wouldn’t buy.

My last day at fabulous was an overview of what I had learnt over the week. I also learnt about the reloved programme that Fabulous have started where customers bring in their old jewellery which will then be upcycled by students at Bath and Coventry into beautiful new pieces. They will then be sold for charity. This is such a great idea and I have taken away some interesting pieces to revive for Fabulous in to their reloved collection.

Overall I had a really informative and enjoyable week with Fabulous. I feel like I have a much better understanding of what is expected from me as a designer by the retailer and my target customer. My plan from today is to develop my perfume pendant collection so it is ready for sale and get to work on my website, blog and social media!

Thank you so much to the Fabulous Team and I hope to see you all again very soon, Becky x

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