Trend: Daisy Jewellery

Daisies are having a moment at fabulous, the Vintage collection from Daisy Jewellery is proving so popular, it’s flying off the shelves. We’ve had people buying them for themselves, for Bridesmaids, for friends called Daisy, or for chic Birthday gifts. Find out more about the Daisy with fabulous…

The Daisy symbolises purity, innocence, loyalty, beauty, patience and simplicity. The delicate design has been used as far back as Ancient Egypt and ancient Greek jewellery has been found adorned with Daisy patterns.


A member of the Asteraceae plant group from the Latin Aster meaning star, Daisy comes from the term ‘day’s eye’ because the flower is only open during the day and closes up at night, they were known as thunder-flowers as they bloom in the summer when thunderstorms are more common.

Daisies have become popular with festival goers where daisy garlands and chains have become the go-to accessory for laid-back parties under the sun.daisy-jewellery-vintage-collection-blogDaisy Vintage collection from, £24


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