Fabulous Futures Awards for Young Designers

Jo describes our Fabulous Futures Awards for Young Designers

Incredibly, it’s our 10th anniversary next year, and I felt it was time to use some of our experience and expertise to help young designers get started in their careers.


Sinade and I started talking with Claire Price, Acting Course Director at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham, of which Sinade is a graduate – part of Birmingham City University. Claire invited us to join the end of year Judging Panels for the degree-level course, ‘Design for Industry’ – to assess the students’ work, but also to give them help and guidance on the commercial aspects of launching a career in jewellery.

We created the ‘Fabulous Futures’ award, which we will award each year to two students on the course whom we feel have real potential. Out of the twenty students that presented this year, we chose Rebecca Neil and Bethany Hancock as our first winners.

Rebecca came to our Summer Garden Party as part of her award, where she showcased her beautiful wearable perfume bottles, created in fine filigree Silver. She combines traditional techniques and new technology to create timeless and luxurious designs, inspired by Britain’s rich cultural heritage. Rebecca also joins us soon for a week’s work experience, to see jewellery from a retail perspective.


Bethany creates fine jewellery inspired by natural structures, with one particular collection inspired by antlers particularly impressing us. Bethany came to our Solihull store this week for a mentoring session, and will also be spending a few days with one of our favourite designers – Chloe Moss, from ChloBo – to learn more about the design side of the business.


British designers are very important to us here at Fabulous, with collections from Vivienne Westwood, Lulu Guinness, Chloe Moss, James Boyd and Chris Lewis all helping make us the go-to place for must-have brands. So, we’d love to see one of our winners becoming the next big thing in the industry in the future!

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