5 Ways to Enjoy the Brazilian World Cup Without Football!

Tour the Painted Streets of Rio

Good Maps have a fabulous gallery of beautiful streets in Rio, from small neighbourhoods covered in flags to vibrant street art. Say goodbye to a couple of hours while you walk the streets of Rio without football fans!


Be Inspired by Rio in Fashion

The World Cup in Rio has undoubtedly influenced the Summer trends, the high street and high end have injected a vast array of tropical prints and colour into their collections! The perfect buys for a beach holiday…



1. River Island crop top, £12 2. Dune shoes at Asos, were £70 NOW £48 3. BHS swimsuit, £28 4. Christes Sarong at Farfetch, £129 5. Lizas Rio bracelet at fabulous, £29

Look out for World Cup WAG Offers

Many stores will be offering WAG discounts, so take the opportunity to treat yourself to some World Cup bargains. Is fabulous offering any discounts? You bet we are!

Enjoy a Caipirinha – The National drink of Brazil!

Drank throughout Brazil, the Caipirinha is made from Cacacha, a very sweet style of Rum made from sugarcane juice.

Ingredients: 1 Lime quartered, 2 Teaspoons of fine sugar, 60ml Cacacha.

To make: Muddle the lime wedges and sugar in the glass, fill with ice cubes, top up with Cacacha. Simple and delicious!

caprinhi-imageImage courtesy of Relax with Dax, read his fabulous Brazilian blog here

Support a Brazilian Children’s Charity!

SOS Children’s Villages is a fantastic charity which we were introduced to by Chavin. Money donated to this charity goes directly to children and villages giving them a better quality of life and a brighter future. Over the last ten years poverty in Brazil has decreased substantially and living standards have increased, however in the most deprived areas 97% of children still live without access to decent sewerage and are at high risk of life threatening diseases through infection. In rural areas one in three children are unable to read or write and in the cities young children are found without parental care often ending up on the streets, where they are vulnerable to gang violence, sexual abuse and drug addiction.

If you wont be going out to watch the football, why not spend that money on some Brazilian children’s futures.





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