Alex and Ani May Inspiration: Beauty

Our resident Beauty Guru Maya from our Solihull store wants us to banish the sunbeds and fake it safely in our year of positive change! Here she lets us in to the secret of the perfect celebrity tan…

‘The safest way to get a beautiful bronze is through fake tan, it can be tricky, but if you follow these useful tips you’ll be bronzed and beautiful in no time!

First and foremost you need to choose the right shade of tan for your natural skin tone and exfoliate your body the night before you plan to apply, then…


1. Always wear a mitt when applying your tan, to protect your hands from becoming orange or as an alternative you can use latex gloves
2. Make sure you moisturise your body before you apply, particularly your knees and elbows as tan tends to gather here
3. To apply your tan evenly start from the shins and work your way up. Apply the tan in a smooth, even, circular motion
4. Leave an hour before you apply your second layer of tan, to build up a more even colour
5. Do not get dressed until your tan is completely dry


Less is definitely more when it comes to tanning!


1. Is the colour too dark? Take a warm bath with lemon juice, this will help remove the excess tan
2. Has your tan gone orange? Moisten cotton pads with a liquid make up remover and wipe over the problem areas to soften the colour
3. Does your tan look blotchy? Slightly dampen the area and sprinkle dry baking soda onto your hands and massage the problem areas in a circular motion
4. Are your Palms and feet orange? The best solution is body bleach (the same as you’d use on your top lip!) Apply to the problem area and leave for up to 10 minutes before washing off. Always try a small test area first to make sure you don’t have a reaction


Think sun-kissed!

Don’t forget to use a face cream with an SPF of 15 or above, it may not seem hot but if the sun is out then it will be hitting your skin, protect it to avoid ageing and any lasting damage.’


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