QUIZ: What is your Spring jewellery look?

Each season we highlight the top trends in fashion and show you how you can accessorise with this season’s hottest jewellery looks. This Spring we’ve got new collections, new designers and some hot new looks. Take our quiz to see which jewellery look is you this season…

1. Why do you love Spring?
a) The social season hots up and I can start getting my best dresses out ready for the wedding season!
b) It’s festival season! I’ve booked the tickets now I can start buying the wardrobe
c) I love warmer evenings and lighter nights, it’s time to roll out the barbeque
d) It’s the perfect time of year for city breaks and vintage markets

2. Which social occasion are you excited about?
a) Henley Regatta
b) Glastonbury
c) Our local food festival
d) My trip to Rome

3. Which of these new bracelet styles are you coveting?


4. My favourite shop for Spring is…
a) Coast
b) Urban Outfitters
c) Gap
d) Vintage and Charity shops

5. My jewellery collection consists of…
a) Pearls, Pastels and Gold
b) Bright colours, stacking bracelets and lots of it
c) A collection of quality jewellery which I can mix and match easily
d) An eclectic mix of jewellery with meanings and souvenirs from trips

6. My dream holiday destination is…
a) Cannes
b) Rio
c) Tuscany
d) Barcelona

7. My make-up look is
a) I like to be well groomed and I’ll wear the lipstick colour of the season
b) It’s all on the eyes, eyeliner and mascara are my go-to products
c) I like a classic look focused on dewy, bright skin
d) I love vintage inspired looks, so eyeliner and lipstick is always in my travel bag

8. My favourite Carrie Bradshaw look is…



Mostly A’s You should wear the Social Season Trend


For this Spring’s Social Season channel your English Rose. You love getting dressed up and can’t wait to get your pretty pastels out of your wardrobe. You love chic jewellery with a personal, sentimental touch and you always look polished and chic! Shop the Social Season trend.


Mostly B’s You should wear the Festivals and Fiestas Trend


For a summer full of fun wear the ‘festival’ trend. You love finding unusual clothes and accessories and are at your happiest surrounded by your friends with good music and a fun atmosphere. You love colourful jewellery with a handcrafted feel. Shop the Festivals and Fiestas trend.


Mostly C’s You should wear the Wind-down Weekends Trend


For laid-back lunches and wind-down weekends sport the laid-back luxe trend. You’re a spontaneous person and nothing makes you happier than hanging out with your nearest and dearest. You’re a natural host who loves luxurious understated clothes and jewellery, your look is polished, laid-back and accessorised perfectly. Shop the Wind-down weekends trend.

Mostly D’s You should wear the Spring in the City Trend


For Spring in the City wear the vintage trend. You are free-spirited and cultured, love people watching and looking through vintage markets. All of your jewellery has a story behind it and you love finding new pieces to add to your collection. Shop the Spring in the City trend.

10 things everyone should know about Diamonds!

marilyn monroe diamonds1. It’s the April birthstone. Yes, all you lucky April babies, you get the mother of all birthstones – the Diamond

2. Diamond comes from the ancient Greek ἀδάμας – adámas, meaning “unbreakable”, “proper,” or “unalterable”

3. Diamonds are measured by the 4 Cs. Cut, Colour, Clarity and the all important Carat. In fact, Carat isn’t really the most important, all 4 C’s need to be of the highest quality to insure the biggest price tag. The cut is how the stone is shaped, the clarity shows how clear the Diamond is with the least imperfections the best, the colour should be as close to white as possible and the carat, well we all know that one – it’s the size of the rock!

4. The biggest Diamond ever found is said to be the Cullinan (Great Star of Africa) which was a massive 3,106.75 Carats and is worth over £1 billion

5. A large flawless (perfect Diamond) is known as a paragon

6. Blood Diamonds or Conflict Diamonds refer to Diamonds mined by revolutionary groups who use the profits to fund illegal operations, predominantly in Africa. The Kimberley Process was introduced to combat this issue, the consumer should always seek to validate the ‘history’ of their Diamond

7. Diamonds are used industrially as they are the hardest known naturally occurring material. They are used to polish, cut or wear away materials including Diamonds. 80% of mined diamonds are unsuitable to use as gemstones so are used for industry

8. Coloured Diamonds are known as ‘fancy coloured Diamonds’ and the resulting colour is caused by structural defects in the stone. The most rare is a yellow Diamond followed by brown, blue, green, black, pink, orange, purple and red

9. A black Diamond is known as a Carbonado Diamond, their dark appearance is caused by numerous dark inclusions which give the stone that dark appearance

10. The iconic phrase ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ comes from the Broadway production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and was most famously performed by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film version



NEW Lulu Guinness Marcel Collection

NEW Lulu Guinness Marcel Collection

This new capsule collection from fabulous favourite Lulu Guinness features plenty of quirky British style. The monochrome Marcel face with vibrant red lips and fluttering eyelashes is styled on Lulu herself. This kitsch timepiece is the perfect gift for fans of Lulu Guinness and 60s style. We love the lips detail to the buckle and super soft silicone watch strap. Fabulous for Spring!

NEW: Nomination Composeable Necklaces!

NEW: Nomination Composeable Necklaces!

NEW! We know our Nomination fans will love the latest addition to the Nomination Classic Composeable collection. These fabulous necklaces allow you to create a new style of jewellery from your existing charms. They’re a great way to extend your collection, create a set or start a new creation. You can buy them as part of a set with chain and plain links or the pendant on its own which can hang from one of your own necklace, then it’s up to you to choose your links!


ChloBo Let’s Dance New Collection

Lets dance banner

“When I think of summer I think of beach holidays with my friends, lazy days by the sea, long summer nights and dancing under the stars. I wanted to create a collection that captured the fun mood of this season and what it means to me. With all the vibrant colours and exciting new charms, Let’s Dance came instantly to mind.” – Chloe Moss

The new ‘Let’s Dance’ Chlobo collection is now available at fabulous and we absolutely love it! The bright semi-precious stones, neon tassels and sleek rose gold vermeil designs capture the summer look perfectly, mixed with cool silver and yellow gold plating.

Create a laid-back festival look with the cute charm rings in amethyst, coral and turquoise with a statement neon pendant featuring some of Chlobo’s iconic bohemian charms.

ss group 18

Chlobo’s new rose gold designs are a chic way to embrace the rose gold trend this season. The cute mini bracelet’s in rose gold will stand out in your silver Chlobo stack creating a fabulous two-tone look!

IMG_0024 copy

The ‘Let’s Dance’ engraved bracelets are made from vibrant beads adding a pop of colour to your stack, capturing the fun of summertime when you’re relaxing in the sunshine and dancing under the stars – bring on the summer!!

group 1_0037 copy


Shop online with fabulous here for free UK delivery or visit us in-store!

Alex and Ani April Inspiration: Finance


April 6th marks the start of the new financial year. Unlike January 1st very few of us give consideration to our “new year” financial resolutions, yet April 6th is a great time to start thinking about our financial future.

We live in a world of rapid information, and if we need to, we can access data, opinion, and price comparisons at the click of a mouse. The upside of this is that we can educate ourselves; we can learn, explore and develop our understanding of financial products and structures. The obvious downside is the risk of information overload!

Whatever our circumstances, money will have an active part to play in our lives; today, tomorrow and for the rest of our life, so it is really important to be confident about how to make our money work for us.

Creating our own personal or family financial plan is the first and most important step which will give us a map to follow and a course to review. And what will this give us in the short term? A sense of being financially organised, which will give reassurance through difficult times, and more than that, we will achieve a new found level of confidence through taking control of our life plan and our money.

Whilst ensuring that we achieve an enjoyable life/work balance, enjoying the moment and saving for the longer term can be difficult – particularly in these times of austerity. But, armed with the knowledge of what we have, what we will need and when we will need it, this task becomes less daunting and more achievable.

So why not see April 6th as an opportunity to ensure financial stability for today, tomorrow and the months and years ahead? Small steps taken today can have a powerful positive impact on our tomorrows.

anda-blogphotoStart today by tracking your spending for a week, don’t forget to add in those Starbucks trips, your lunches, drinks after work, dinner with friends. Once you know how much you spend in a week you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make a big difference with some small changes.

If you buy a coffee each morning at an average cost of £2.80, that’s £14 a week, add on an average of £5 a day on lunch and you’re spending nearly £40 a week on food and drink in the working day. That’s £160 a month or £1,920 a year! Time to buy a thermos?

Alex Pearce, Financial Planner


Tell us how you’re planning to change your life this year, and you could win a different bangle each month. One lucky winner will win £150 at the end of the year to create their own stack of Alex and Ani bangles, bursting with positive energy!

Just let us know how your FINANCES have changed or will change this year. One lucky winner will be picked out on April 30th to win the Anchor bangle. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook or send us an email to positive@fabulouscollections.co.uk #positivechange


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