Alex and Ani April Inspiration: Finance


April 6th marks the start of the new financial year. Unlike January 1st very few of us give consideration to our “new year” financial resolutions, yet April 6th is a great time to start thinking about our financial future.

We live in a world of rapid information, and if we need to, we can access data, opinion, and price comparisons at the click of a mouse. The upside of this is that we can educate ourselves; we can learn, explore and develop our understanding of financial products and structures. The obvious downside is the risk of information overload!

Whatever our circumstances, money will have an active part to play in our lives; today, tomorrow and for the rest of our life, so it is really important to be confident about how to make our money work for us.

Creating our own personal or family financial plan is the first and most important step which will give us a map to follow and a course to review. And what will this give us in the short term? A sense of being financially organised, which will give reassurance through difficult times, and more than that, we will achieve a new found level of confidence through taking control of our life plan and our money.

Whilst ensuring that we achieve an enjoyable life/work balance, enjoying the moment and saving for the longer term can be difficult – particularly in these times of austerity. But, armed with the knowledge of what we have, what we will need and when we will need it, this task becomes less daunting and more achievable.

So why not see April 6th as an opportunity to ensure financial stability for today, tomorrow and the months and years ahead? Small steps taken today can have a powerful positive impact on our tomorrows.

anda-blogphotoStart today by tracking your spending for a week, don’t forget to add in those Starbucks trips, your lunches, drinks after work, dinner with friends. Once you know how much you spend in a week you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make a big difference with some small changes.

If you buy a coffee each morning at an average cost of £2.80, that’s £14 a week, add on an average of £5 a day on lunch and you’re spending nearly £40 a week on food and drink in the working day. That’s £160 a month or £1,920 a year! Time to buy a thermos?

Alex Pearce, Financial Planner


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