Perfect for my Mum: Michelle

I love Mother’s Day, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the love and support from my Mum, and while I appreciate her every day, it’s a great day to focus on my Mum and spoil her like she deserves.

This year especially I have a lot to thank my Mum for. She has been my rock, has given me endless love and support in helping me through a very difficult time which I will forever be grateful for. For this reason I will be truly spoiling her this Mothers day!

My mum loves flowers! (What Mum doesn’t?) But this year I wanted something a bit different. Flowers are lovely and look great for a week but I want to get mum something she can keep. I think a necklace from ‘Flower jewellery’ will be perfect, flowers that she can keep for a life-time and wear them with her wherever she goes.

I am still deciding between the Forget Me Not round necklace (£30) or the Rose Bud Baton necklace (£20).

Flower Jewellery

Flower Jewellery

Mother’s day is about celebrating the relationship between you and your Mum and what makes it special. Although myself, my sister and brother have all flown the nest we all know that Mums door is always open for a cup of coffee and chat!

For that reason I am buying her the Pandora teacup charm (£25) for her bracelet. This will symbolize the endless catch ups we all have, after all, what can’t be solved with a nice cuppa!

A cuppa with Mum solves everything!

A cuppa with Mum solves everything!

I will also be buying her the new ‘lots of love’ Pandora charm (£55) I chose this charm as it features one little 14ct gold heart amongst lots of pink enamel hearts, to show Mum she really is one in a million.

If  you’d like some help choosing the perfect present for your Mum, come down and see us in-store or call 0845 450 9334 for some personal shopping advice.

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