ChloBo talismans and their meanings

ChloBo symbols and their meanings

Jo and Sinade went to ChloBo HQ this week and saw the truly fabulous collection for Summer, ‘Let’s Dance’. Featuring Rose Gold and brightly coloured semi-precious stones featuring their iconic symbols, hamsa hands, tusks and stars with new additions such as the moon and flowerball. We can’t say or show you any more right now – but the second we can, you’ll be the first to know!

So with the excitement of the ChloBo collection’s imminent arrival, we took a look at one of our favourite brands and their many beautiful talismans. Take a look at their meanings to decide on your next bracelet…read the full article on our website!

Feather- The feather is a Native American symbol for freedom, courage and new beginnings. A fashionable talisman, the feather is the perfect gift for any fashion conscience friend or for someone who needs some courage for their new venture.


Elephant – A symbol of wisdom, luck and loyalty. Elephants are revered for their strength, wisdom and power. Buy an elephant talisman in times of hardship as a positive reminder that you can overcome anything.
Evil Eye – The Evil Eye is a popular symbol in the Mediterranean and Middle East said to ward off evil. A fabulous gift for anyone who is a fan of the Med or who needs a guardian angel.

Head over to the website to see the meaning of the tassel, dragonfly, chai, bell, om, wing and more

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