Happy Birthday Kate: A Year in Jewellery

Kate, a year in jewellery

Kate, a year in jewellery

Kate turns 32 today and to celebrate her special day we took a look through her year in jewellery. With a key to the crown jewels (literally) we were surprised to see that in her day to day life, Kate kept it simple, chic and understated. Favouring a simple talisman necklace and pearl earrings, we love the classic addition of pearls and the sentimental touch of a silver necklace which she happily wore repeatedly throughout the year.

Kate, Get the Look

Kate, Get the Look

1. Daisy Rose Gold talisman necklace from the Sahara collection, £145

2. Tales from the Earth Silver Travel necklace, £88

3. ChloBo Wish necklace from the Wish collection, £35 was £70

4. Blossom Pearl Drop earrings, £92

5. Jersey Pearl Dew Drop earrings, £55

Have a royally fabulous Birthday Kate, love fab HQ x

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