Fabulous How To: Get what you want this Christmas!

OK, so some people might feel it’s not in the spirit of Christmas, but I’d like to think that by getting what you want for Christmas you’re reducing waste and therefore helping the environment, which we all know is one of Father Christmas’ bug bears!

Shopping online has opened up lots of great ways to let people know exactly what you’d like under the tree, there’s always room for surprises, but giving your loved ones a helping hand will definitely be appreciated. Here’s my top tips for dropping some subtle (and not-so subtle) hints.

1. Make a fabulous wish list

Our website has a great wish list function which allows you to compile a list of what you’d love for Christmas. Just sign in to your account and start adding items to your wish list by clicking ‘add to wish list’ on products. Once you’ve finished your list click ‘My Wishlist’ which is at the top of the web page and you can send it out to your nearest and dearest via email.

Make a fabulous wish list

2. Give them some Pinspiration

I love Pinterest and use it to create a board of things I’d love for Christmas. I don’t just add the big things, I add everything from my favourite chocolates to beauty products and CDs, I basically leave no room for error! You can pin directly from websites if they have a ‘pin it’ button. Ours sits to the right of products, once you click it you’ll be taken to Pinterest where you simply log in and then add it to your board. The name of the product, an image and a link to the website pulls through to Pinterest so anyone looking has a direct link to the presents on your wish list, and the boards look fab!


3. Get Social

Posting links on Facebook or tweeting images of things you love is a great way to drop a more subtle hint. All you need for this is your husband/boyfriend/friend/family member to follow you on twitter or be friends with you on Facebook and they’ll get the hint. We post fabulous jewellery daily, so you can share our posts with your loved ones to drop a hint. If you don’t think they’ll get a subtle hint, tag them in the link – that should do it!

4. Not online savvy?

If all of these sound like too much effort pop in to a fabulous store. Our fabulous staff members can help you write a wish list and then file it for you, so when someone comes in shopping for you there’ll be a handy list next to your name with what you’re coveting this year. Easy!

Set up a wish list in store


Have a fabulous Christmas,


(eCommerce and Digital Manager)

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