Christmas Party Trends: Rose Gold


Rose Gold is having a big fashion moment. Originally gracing the wrists of the super rich in the form of luxury timepieces, Rose Gold has now heavily hit the high street. With the same luxe properties as Gold, Rose Gold, Blush or Russian Gold as it’s also known has pink undertones from the use of copper to colour the metal.

This international trend for a warmer, more subtle type of luxury can be seen in all watch brands this season, which can now be complemented by beautiful jewellery.

Nikki Lissoni, Folli Follie, Estella Bartlett and Thomas Sabo (to name but afew) have used Rose Gold to modernise their collections, giving them a mature aesthetic which suits all skin tones.

Add some Rose Gold to your watch wardrobe and be sure to create a bracelet stack to match, or invest in some Rose Gold coins for your Nikki Lissoni collection.



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