Christmas Gifts for Teenagers: Presents Worth Tweeting About!

It can be really hard finding new ideas for teenagers every Christmas, as it’s so easy to buy the ‘wrong’ brand in their eyes, or something that just isn’t on trend. It’s especially hard if you’re buying for a friend’s kids, rather than close family.

Jo Stroud and Sinade Prosser are our head buyers and it’s their task to seek out what is hot and not in the eyes of teenagers. Along with the web team, they keep a close eye on the fashion press, as well as social media and top blogs to see what everyone wants to be seen in. Celebrity endorsements are a big part of the ‘cool’ factor, as well as European and American trends.

“We know our customers really well, and we know how hard they find it to come up with thoughtful gifts for those difficult teenage years. We spend hours on our customers’ behalf seeking out perfect treasures, and highlighting them as ‘Fab 5’ gifts in our Christmas Catalogue and on-line, to make it even easier.”

These five gifts meet the brief exactly – must-have gifts they’ll be tweeting about on Christmas Day, and still talking about when they get back to school!

You're a Star, Lily and Lotty

You’re a Star, Lily and Lotty

1. Lily and Lotty ‘Love Letter’, £42
This is such a cute gift for a teenage girl or younger. A Sterling Silver envelope, set with a real diamond, and inscribed with a meaningful message. It comes on a chain so she can wear it as a pendant, or simply keep it as a lucky charm. We’ve picked out ‘You’re a Star’, but there are more than 30 other lovely messages to choose from. Perfect for your little star.

Cruciani Bracelets

Cruciani Bracelets

2. Cruciani Macrame Bracelet, £10
From Beyoncé to Paris Hilton, celebrities around the world have been going mad for these crocheted bracelets from Italy. Made from macramé lace, and available in a riot of colours, in patterns from hearts to clovers to knots, these are the perfect stocking fillers for kids and grown-ups! Perfect for the on-trend teenager into her music and festivals.

Lizas Sparkling Nights Set

Lizas Sparkling Nights Set

3. Sparkling Nights, £28
A stack of semi-precious stone and crystal bracelets, in shades of midnight blue. These semi-precious stone sets are gorgeously glamorous, and are a great way to glam up jeans for a night out, without breaking the bank. Perfect for a party girl!

Ice Watch

Ice Watch

4. Ice-Watch, from £79.95
Brightly-coloured Ice-Watches started appearing on the scene a few years ago, and have become one of the must-have gifts for teenage boys and girls. Made from sturdy silicon, and water resistant to 100 metres, they come in a rainbow of bright colours that can match any outfit. Perfect for an outdoorsy girl, or tomboy.

Treasure Me, Estella Bartlett

Treasure Me, Estella Bartlett

5. ‘Treasure Me’, Estella Bartlett, £14
On-trend necklaces plated in Silver or Rose Gold, from an ex-fashion journalist, designed with whimsical motifs. This cute gold-plated bow is perfect for channelling her inner Alexa Chung. With loads of different designs from wishbones to hearts, these well-priced and thoughtfully packaged necklaces make great gifts. Perfect for a fashionista.

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