PANDORA essence

Pandora Bath is excited to finally reveal the new Essence Collection. The Essence collection is a brand new bracelet with charms that will connect us with who we are. It digs deep into your true meanings and feelings with each and every beautiful and symbolic charm. We want the essence collection to inspire women across the world to express their true inner selves.

The bracelet is a snake chain made from Sterling Silver and has an elegant and slender look featuring the classic Pandora barrel clasp. It’s priced at a very affordable £49 and you can come along to our Bath Pandora store to get measured for the correct size bracelet.

The essence charms are small and delicate and are all equally size, different gemstones have been used to symbolise different values, concepts and meanings and express the essence of your personality.

Pandora have used Cubic Zirconia in this fantastic new range, adding a glamorous sparkling look to the bracelet. As well as gemstones and Cubic Zirconia Pandora have also used hand finished Sterling Silver charms with ornamental designs; incorporating ancient patterns and modern techniques.
These charms have a new unique silicone grip inside each charm, which stops them from moving around the bracelet, so no spacers are required. The charms slide on to the bracelet effortlessly but are also very secure because allowing you to place each charm where ever you choose, creating your own unique bracelet.
Due to the nature of the design of the Essence bracelet it is not recommended that you put any charms from the moments range on to the bracelet as it is not designed to carry the weight of them.

Some of our favourites here at Pandora Bath are:

Freedom – Breathe in the possibilities of a life without limitations – A delicate openwork lace pattern, enhanced with oxidation, symbolises freedom and the many routes we can take in life.

Peace – Stillness and quiet allow you to act and hear yourself – The rich ultramarine colour of lapis lazuli, with links to the sky, has a reputation of promoting peace. The peacefulness of a night sky with small twinkling stars is reflected in the faceted surface.

Confidence – Believe in yourself and reach unbelievable heights – 122 dazzling stones, each set by hand in channels of sterling silver, portray a novel and strong look celebrating feminine confidence.

Strength – Embrace your inner force. You are more powerful than you realise – The bold black colour conveys a feeling of strength. Black is always in fashion and the charm emits an air of sophisticated elegance.

Loyalty – Be true to your heart, your desires, your instincts – The cool and tranquil aquamarine gem is said to have a soothing influence on relationships, promoting loyalty and encouraging a long and happy partnership or friendship.

Joy – The thrill of life that illuminates you from within – The sparkling stones embedded as small islands of bliss, represent the many different kinds of joy to be found all around.

Available in Pandora concept stores only, you can shop Pandora Essence at our Pandora Bath store or call our Pandora hotline 0845 450 9334

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