Halloween Inspired Jewellery

Halloween originates from the ancient Celtic Samhain festival that marks the end of the summer and celebrates the final harvest and the onset of winter during October 31st and 2nd November. The eve of November is regarded as the most magical time during this period, known today as Halloween. The Celts believed that during this magical time, the divide between the living and the dead lifted during Samhain leaving ghosts and evil spirits to roam the earth. From this has come today’s iconic Halloween symbol’s of ghosts and ghouls, skulls, bats, pumpkins, witches and black cats!

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Skulls have been a big story in jewellery this year, with the Rebel trend of the Autumn and Winter featuring this icon heavily. This season ChloBo have used the Skull in their Lucky13 range, nestled on sparkling jet black onyx, you can choose from Silver or Gold which make a great Halloween addition and will carry you right through the winter.

ChloBo lucky 13 skulls

ChloBo skull bracelets, from £45

New to fabulous is this beautiful skull necklace from Tales from the Earth – featuring a gold skull hanging from a delicate silver chain. High fashion, bang on trend and a great gift!

Tales from the earth skull

Tales from the Earth skull necklace, £38

Thomas Sabo’s Autumn Winter Charm Club collection features sparkling black CZ bats and cats, which we absolutely love and charm favourites Nomination and Trollbeads also bring spiders and pumpkins to the table.

Halloween jewellery charms

Thomas Sabo, Nomination and Trollbeads halloween charms from £18

This year the dark arts and rebellious jewellery is a big fashion story, so a Halloween treat will turn into a season long investment piece.

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