October Birthstone Jewellery: Think Pink

Official October Birthstone: Opal & Pink Tourmaline 
Zodiac: Libra & Scorpio

The official birthstone for October is the beautiful Opal, along with Pink Tourmaline. Opal has long been known as the stone of good fortune and was often worn as a symbol of good luck, particularly in Roman times. In Ancient Arabic culture, the Opal is believed to have fallen from the sky during electric storms infusing a rainbow of flashing colours within the gemstone. Opals range from clear through white, grey, pink, red, black, yellow and blue giving this gemstone a unique trait.

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo Black Obsidian X0035 & Pink Tourmaline Birthstone 0142

October is breast cancer awareness month so wear pink and show your support for the cause. Pink Tourmaline is a heart chakra gemstone believed to enhance love, compassion and self-confidence, diminishing fear and attracting confidence.

Nomination October

Nomination Opal Birthstone 03050307 Pink Ribbon 03020829

Daisy Jewellery Heart Chakra

Daisy Jewellery Heart Chakra

Winter White – this season’s hottest hue
Take inspiration from the red carpet and dress to impress with an all white get up with a flash of pink lippy and pink jewellery!

Trend Screen Goddess

Trend Screen Goddess

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