Autumn Jewellery Trends: Which one are you? QUIZ

Each season we put together our trend collections. We love this season’s jewellery trends and have grouped the looks into four icons – Rebel, Dreamer, Ice Queen and Screen Goddess. Take our quiz below to find out which Icon of Style most suits your taste. Make a note of whether you answer mostly A, B, C or D….

 You’ve just walked into a boutique, what’s the first fabric that catches your eye?

a)      Leather

b)      Chiffon

c)      Velvet

d)      Tweed

Which Celebrity Red Carpet look has your vote?

Cara Delevingne, Christina Hendricks, Sienna Miller or Helen Mirren

What’s your favourite season?

a)      Summer

b)      Spring

c)      Autumn

d)      Winter

Which of these materials would you most likely wear?

a)      Metal

b)      Emerald

c)      Turquoise

d)      Crystal

Which of these watches do you covet?


What’s your dream date?

a)      A gig, in an underground venue, dark, moody and sexy

b)      A candlelit dinner and dancing, classic and romantic

c)      A picnic in the park or anything outdoors, simple and sentimental

d)      A big night out, dancing under the lights, sparkly and magical

Your winter coat will be…

a)      A Leather jacket, it never goes out of style

b)      A tailored Wool coat, warm and chic

c)      A vintage Sheepskin coat, snugly with history

d)      Something smart with metallic details, eye catching!

What would be your City Break of choice?

a)       London

b)      Paris

c)      Rome

d)      New York

Now tot up your results, did most of your answers fall into A,B,C or D? Check out your results below! 

Mostly A – you’re a Rebel

You live by your own rules, turn convention on its head, brings anarchy and attitude to everything you do. Fearless and strong, you knows you can change the world. Your vivacious personality suits statement jewellery, with plenty of strong metal against dark fabrics. If a Leather jacket is your style staple then team it with a fierce Vivienne Westwood watch and layer up plenty of arm candy – for an investment piece, check out the Dinny Hall Almaz collection.

Shop the Rebel collection here.

Mostly B – you’re a Screen Goddess

Seductive and mysterious, you enchant everyone you meet. Yours is a life of high-octane glamour and timeless elegance, a life lived in style. You are an icon of sophistication, and a woman of substance. Your classic style and striking personality calls for plenty of Pearls and crisp metal. A Lulu Guinness watch will have you going giddy and Jersey Pearl will be the perfect addition to your Autumn wardrobe.

Shop the Screen Goddess collection here.

Mostly C – you’re a Dreamer

You care passionately, you feel deeply, you love wholeheartedly. Dreamers wear their heart on their sleeve and you bring dreams to life. You firmly believe in making the world a better place. You love symbols and icons and your jewellery collection probably already consists of charms and trinkets. You’d love the ChloBo collection and if you don’t have it already take a look at Nikki Lissoni, the interchangeable necklace brand that is taking the fashion world by storm.

Shop the Dreamer collection here.

Mostly D – you’re an Ice Queen

You glitter and dazzle, shimmer and shine. Night is your kingdom, the stars your subjects, ice your jewels. You light up the room and sparkle like a star. Anything that shimmers and shines attracts you, you love a bit of bling. We have some fabulous ranges of super sparkly jewellery, Swarovski, Diamonfire and Nikki Lissoni to name a few – we think you’ll love our brand new Blowing in the Wind collection, dried leaves coated in beautiful Gold, Silver or Rose Gold!

Shop the Ice Queen collection here

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