Autumn Jewellery Trends: Rebel

Shop the Rebel Jewellery Trend


We are mad for the Rebel trend that has graced the catwalk this season and love it’s street style reincarnation. A resurgence of the Punk and Grunge look, the epitome of the 90’s – this later incarnation has a heavy Leather influence with the quintessential Gold & Silver studs.

See Yves Saint Laurent’s heavily adorned boots and grungy materials, Chanel’s thigh high Leather boots with chains, Burberry’s Studded Leather gloves and Moschino’s nod to Vivienne Westwood in their tartan outfits. This strong look requires plenty of attitude and is the perfect way to accessorise any Autumn outfit, choose between a Vivienne Westwood watch to the Almaz range from Dinny Hall to please your inner Rebel. Black is back!

Shop the Rebel Trend

Shop the Rebel Trend

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