Fabulous Holiday Destination: St Tropez with Jo

Name: Jo Stroud
Store: Owner, Fabulous
Location: St Tropez
Duration: 2 weeks

Paul and I rented a townhouse with a mooring in Port Grimaud, the marina across the bay from St Tropez. We hired a motorboat, and spent a lovely 2 weeks zipping around the bay, anchoring off Pampelonne Beach, and swimming in the gorgeous warm water.

St Tropez

St Tropez

Holiday essentials:

Dressy clothes and jewellery – this is St Tropez after all!
A few bikinis
Flat shoes – it’s very hilly!

Highlights: We had dinner at a gorgeous chateau one evening, which has an amazing view down to the sea, across the hills around St Tropez, and watched an impressive electrical storm – it’s still a really green, wild, unspoiled area, nothing like the busier side of the South of France, over towards Cannes and Nice.

We were also there on Bastille Day, so had a great view of the fireworks in St Maxime on one side of the bay, and St Tropez on the other.

Top tips: Stay in Port Grimaud – then you can take an inexpensive ferry across to St Tropez for dinner in the evenings, rather than worrying about driving and parking; or paying an arm and a leg for a taxi.

Plan to do some shopping – although there are plenty of madly expensive Gucci, Bulgari, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana boutiques, there are also a lot of surprisingly inexpensive and very lovely independent stores, with great clothes, jewellery, homewares and foodie treats.

Head away from the harbour area in St Tropez for dinner – leave that for the tourists! In the winding alleyways are plenty of busy, excellent and perfectly affordable eateries and bars which are buzzing with all nationalities.

Favourite outfit: To be honest, I spent most of the 2 weeks in a bikini on the boat! But in the evenings, a couple of dresses from Phase 8 and Reiss, and a pair of white jeans, stood me in good stead.

St Tropez jewellery, Calvin Klein, ChloBo, Thomas Sabo, Nikki Lissoni

St Tropez jewellery, Calvin Klein, ChloBo, Thomas Sabo, Nikki Lissoni

What was in your fabulous jewellery roll?

My Nikki Lissoni sets – I have three – are perfect for holiday. Versatile, easy to wear, and fun to mix and match.

My ChloBo gold stack – bracelets in Red Tiger’s Eye and Yellow Gold – rarely left my wrist every evening; teamed with my Thomas Sabo gold stud earrings.

And my white CK watch is perfect for the sunny South of France.

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