Fabulous holiday destination; Dubai with Vic

Name: Victoria
Store: Solihull
Position: Store Supervisor
Location: Dubai
Duration: 1 Week



My sister and I went to Dubai for a week to visit our friend; we had the most amazing holiday ever! It was lovely to lie around by the pool on the top of her apartment block and listen to the busy daily life of Dubai. We went to the biggest shopping mall ever, with an inside aquarium!

Holiday essentials:
– Sun tan lotion! (VERY HOT)
– Jewellery
– A good book to read by the pool
– Ipod
– Sunglasses

Highlights: Whilst having a meal, we were sat outside by a massive lake, and all of a sudden the fountains started and were in sync with lights and music! It was incredible to see, everyone just stopped and watched!

Top tips: My top tip for Dubai is take an extra suitcase, as the shops are out of this world! Lots and lots to purchase!!

Favourite outfit: My favourite outfit must be my flowery maxi dress from New Look! It’s so comfy to wear and very light, which is very helpful in Dubai with it being so hot day and night!

What was in your fabulous jewellery roll? I lived in my Lola Rose White bracelet; it went with everything and especially stood out with my tan!

Lola Rose and the rooftop pool

Lola Rose and the rooftop pool

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