Fabulous Holiday Destination: Tunisia with Anna

Name: Anna
Store: Solihull
Position: Deputy Manager
Location: Hammamet, Tunisia with my boyfriend
Duration: 7 days

Tunisia with Anna

Tunisia with Anna

Holiday essentials: Sandals, a good book (or two) and insect repellent.

Highlights: It may sound silly but my highlight was just being away. You can get so caught up at home that it was nice to have a week of sun and relaxation. Our hotel had a private beach and waking up to that view every morning was absolute bliss, it’s safe to say I did not want to come home! We did go on several excursions while we were there; one was an African Night, where we spent the afternoon at a Sarafi Park and later we were treated to a traditional Tunisian meal along with traditional African dancing. We also visited Carthage; the ruins are absolutely breathtaking, and there are lots of buildings of interest on the way to take in.

Top tips: Tunisia has a closed currency so you can’t change your money until you’re out there. You should be able to do this at your hotel so don’t feel you need to change it all, you can change it if/when you need some more. Having a closed currency does mean that you can’t leave with any either. If you have any notes you can change these at the airport … they won’t let you through security if you still have any Dinars on you!
We went in May and although it was lovely and hot during the day it did get a bit nippy at night, so make sure you bring a light cardigan to cover up.

Favourite outfit: Anything maxi! I brought several dresses and skirts with me. They are so easy to wear and go great with a part of sandals for a casual evening look.

What was in your fabulous jewellery roll? I tried to keep my jewellery options quite simple whilst away so only took a few pieces. I opted for my Rose Gold jewellery as I thought this would go well with a tan (wishful thinking on my part that I would actually tan!) I took my Pure Attraction Rose Gold frosted earrings,  BCBG multi-dial watch, Tresor Paris bracelet and my Calvin Klein tri-coloured ring.

Anna's holiday jewellery

Anna’s holiday jewellery

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