NEW Pandora range: Travel charms

The newest collection of Pandora charms has been released with the theme of ‘travel’. We love this new collection that complements our ‘Postcard and Mementos’ trend, with charms that will remind you of your holidays, special places and long summer days. Very fitting for the summer season, and with the current heat wave these charms are the perfect gift or treat for that ‘summer feeling!’

Pandora Sydney and Moscow

Pandora Sydney and Moscow

The previous collection of ‘national icons’ proved to be extremely popular, with demand for these items still being high. This new collection promises to be popular with the addition of the Sydney opera house £40 (which has already been reserved by lots of our Pandora lovers) and Moscow’s St Basil Cathedral, £35.

Pandora Hot Air Balloon and Passport

Pandora Hot Air Balloon and Passport

The new hot air balloon charm (£30) will definitely be a big hit, with lots of interest in this charm before it has even been released. If you’re buying a hot air balloon ride for a special gift, this would be a great way to break the surprise! The blue and white enamel detailing on the hot air balloon along with the dangle basket makes it a very special charm.

We love the passport charm priced at £30, which will no doubt be very popular. We get a lot of customers asking how they can show ‘travel’ on their bracelet and this would be the perfect way.

Pandora Scooter and Gondola

Pandora Scooter and Gondola

The Vespa scooter priced at £35 is a quirky and fun addition to the collection; the red Enamel and Cubic Zirconia make this charm bold and very fun for the summer.

We love the Italian gondola charm priced at £40. Venice is a very popular destination for city breaks so If you know someone who got engaged there or is spending a memorable birthday at the beautiful city, this would be a fabulous gift.

If you’d like to order any of these fabulous new charms from Pandora – give us a call on 0845 450 9334 and we can deliver them straight to your door for FREE, or email us on your name and number and we’ll call you back!

Have a lovely summer, from everyone in the Bath Pandora store :-)

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