Fabulous holiday destination; Lignano with Hannah

Name: Hannah
Store: Solihull
Position: Sales assistant
Location: Italy
Duration: 5 days

Lignano, Italy

Lignano, Italy

My boyfriend and I went to Italy for a short break in May. We hadn’t planned to go away this year but we found return flights for £25, an offer we couldn’t refuse! We went to a city called Trieste, which is on the boarder of Croatia, and then we travelled down to a beach resort called Lignano. We were really lucky with the weather and enjoyed cocktails in the sunshine.

Holiday essentials
– Comfy shoes
– A good book
– Italian translation book
– Sunglasses
– Cardigan for the evenings

Highlights: Discovering the beautiful resort of Lignano. We took a gamble visiting a place we had never heard of before but it turned out to be lovely.

Top tips:  We were the only English in Lignano as they don’t get many tourists from the UK, so I would definitely recommend an Italian translation book to anybody visiting!

Favourite outfit: We did a lot of travelling during the 5 days so my favourite outfit was a vest and shorts with comfy pumps!

What was in your fabulous jewellery roll? I wore my Nomination bracelet all the time whilst I was away as it’s an Italian designer. I spotted lots of the bracelets on both men and woman and couldn’t resist popping into the Nomination shops to look at the Italian charms!



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