A Gift for June: Pearl Jewellery

Official June Birthstone: Pearl
Alternative Birthstones: Alexandrite & Moonstone

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The beautiful pearl is acknowledged as one of the oldest gems in the world and has been valued and cherished throughout history. Incorporated into the mythology of every culture from Ancient Greece and Rome, to China and India; the pearl has been treasured as a symbol of love, wealth and protection. In Ancient Rome, pearls were the ultimate symbol of wealth and prestige, and an effort was made to prohibit anyone but royalty from wearing them. In Hindu cultures, pearls were associated with the moon and were seen as symbols of purity and love. This has meant that pearls are often associated with weddings, and with their beautiful glow and luxurious cream colour, what better accessory to compliment the dress of a bride-to-be than pearl jewellery!

1920’s glamour and Art Deco fashion is back so there is no better time to invest in some pearls. French fashion designer Coco Chanel popularised costume jewellery and long strands of pearls in the 1920’s and thanks to the revival of The Great Gatsby and their fabulous outfits, 20’s-style jewellery is back on the catwalk. Art Deco fashions emphasised geometric lines and bold colours and this has been embraced in the new designs in many of our collections, from Lola Rose and Diamonfire, to Glam Rock and Pure Attraction!

We’ve been searching for the perfect pearl collection for years at fabulous, and we’ve finally found it, in the collections of Jersey Pearl. With contemporary designs with Tahitian and Freshwater Pearls of the best quality, Jersey Pearl’s designs will make you rediscover the sheer beauty and romance of pearls!

Layer pearl necklaces and bracelets for timeless glamour ala Grace Kelly and Princess Diana, or choose a coloured pearl like the beautiful peacock pearl for a more modern style. Check out our fabulous birthstone collection here for the perfect gift this month!

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Shop Pearls Online at Fabulous Collections

A pick of our favourite designer pearl jewellery:

Jersey Pearl Wave Ring, £96.00

Chan Luu Gold Mother of Pearl Cuff Bracelet, £128.00

Jersey Pearl Violet Joli Bracelet, £49.00

Jersey Pearl Heart Kimberley Selwood Pearl Ring, £39.00

Jersey Pearl Peacock Pearl Bracelet, £72.00

Jersey Pearl Three String Pearl Necklace, £155.00

Blossom Gold Pearl Drop Earrings, £92.00

Jersey Pearl Peacock Studs, £39.00

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