My Fabulous Watch Wardrobe: Alice

Name: Alice
Store: Leamington Spa
Position: Part time
Age: 19

alice 1

Alice RadleyALICE

“I fell in love with this Radley watch when we first got this designer in our Leamington store, and I haven’t parted with it since! I’m a big fan of yellow gold and the bangle shape of this watch makes it versatile to wear with other jewellery – I wear it every day!”

alice 2

“When I go out in the evening with my friends, I like to wear this Kenneth Cole watch. I love the understated glamour of this watch and the glitz of the crystal bezel. Big watches are very fashionable right now and the tortoiseshell effect of this watch is what made it stand out to me.”

alice 3

alice swatch

“Last Summer, my friends and I went on a camping holiday, which this pink Swatch skin watch was perfect for! This watch is so lightweight that I often forgot I had it on and it was waterproof against the rainy weather. The hot pink colour of this watch is ideal for summer, as bold colours are in fashion right now!”

What’s your dream watch wardrobe?
Tell us which 3 watches would complete your watch wardrobe and why for the chance to win our competition

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