My Fabulous Watch Wardrobe: Sinade

Name: Sinade
Store: Solihull
Position: Retail, Creative & Buying Manager
Age: 24

Watch Wardrobe
Family Partysinade ice
Watch Wardrobe

“This Ice Watch is the latest addition to my watch wardrobe; I wanted a dressy watch that i could wear on an evening out with the girls as I have so many celebrations coming up. The mix of tortoise shell and gold looks really elegant; it works great with a black dress or to glam up a pair of black skinny jeans!”

Watch Wardrobe


sinade swatch“I love this Swatch watch; it’s great for me to keep track of my timings whilst I’m preparing for Race for Life. The grey silicon stops it from getting grubby when I’m running outside and the touch of pink keeps it on brand for Race for Life and work!”

Watch Wardrobe

Festivalsinade BCBG

Watch Wardrobe
“I loved this BCBG watch as soon as it arrived in store, it’s the perfect watch for summer and I had to buy it! Whether I’m at a festival, family wedding or trip to the Zoo it adds a touch of glamour to my outfit.”

What’s your dream watch wardrobe?
Tell us which 3 watches would complete your watch wardrobe and why for the chance to win our watch wardrobe competition

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