Jewellery Trends: The Great Gatsby

The hotly anticipated Great Gatsby has arrived –and to say we’re excited is a bit of an understatement. With Baz Luhrmann in the directors chair and Catherine Martin designing the set and costume, this is going to be the cinematic spectacle of the year. The influence of Art Deco in fashion and lifestyle trends has been simmering for the past eighteen months, with the film hitting the screen this weekend, that trend is set to explode.

We’ve re-read the book, we’ve watched every trailer and we can’t wait to see Leonardo and Carey take to the screen as the insatiable Gatsby and Daisy.

We’ve taken a look through the previews to pull out the key jewellery trends, so you can watch the film in your finest 20s get up!

pearls-ggJersey Pearl Topaz & Pearl studsJersey Pearl Joli NoireWe love this outfit – the monochrome kimono with red detailing to the head scarf accentuates those classic pearl earrings. Pearls are a great way to add some 20s glamour to your outfit. Jersey Pearl Topaz and Pearl earrings, £69  Jersey Pearl Joli bracelet, £49.

earrings-ggGold plated Round Drop Quartz EarringsDaisy’s simple and elegant diamond earrings are a great way to wear this Art Deco trend. Diamond earrings, £75 from Fiorelli


4.00ct Silver Claw RingDaisy’s classic Diamond engagement ring would be worth a small fortune, jewellery for the film was supplied by Tiffany’s. You can get the look with a beautiful Diamonfire replica, with all the shine and shimmer of a Diamond ring, but without the hefty price tag – the perfect accessory for this trend. Diamonfire 4ct Silver Claw Ring, £85

isla-gg-bakerliteRebel Black BangleIsla Fisher as the vivacious Myrtle will be wearing a host of outlandish and colourful outfits. With the introduction of Bakelite jewellery in the Art Deco era, women could accessorise their outfits without spending a fortune, it was the invention of costume jewellery. We think Myrtle would love this Black Swatch bangle, £18

sparkle-ggLadies Silver Rectangle Glitz WatchNew York Medium BangleWhen it comes to the 20s there is  no such thing as ‘too much’, everything sparkled and shimmered, diamonds and crystals were everywhere and worn in abundance. This DKNY watch is perfect, £145 and Swarovski bangle to add that extra bit of glamour, £119


For more Art Deco inspiration, try…

Buy Miami Beach Round Gold Face and Mesh StrapGlam Rock watch, £195

Buy Jersey Pearl Muse Ring MJersey Pearl Muse Ring, £115

Buy Reese Drop Earrings Pink BlushLola Rose Reese Earrings, £40

Buy Silver Vintage Coin 33mmNikki Lissoni Vintage Coin, £26

Buy Silver Popcorn Bracelet with CZPure Attraction Popcorn Bracelet with CZ, £195

The Great Gatsby is in cinemas from Thursday, check out the trailer…

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