My Fabulous Watch Wardrobe: Tamsyn

Name: Tamsyn
Store: Leamington Spa
Position: Part Time 
Age: 17

tam day

CK tamsyn“This Calvin Klein is my all time favourite watch; I have loved it since it first arrived! I would wear this watch all the time mainly because it is too fabulous to part with!  With its white leather strap, this design is very easy to match with my everyday clothing when I go to sixth form during the week.”



“I love to wear this Kenneth Cole when I am going out! The gold tone is brilliant for me as I wear lots of gold jewellery. The crystals on the outside of the face provide a bit of glamour without taking all the attention away from the rest of my outfit!”


ice tam

“I love this Ice watch! It’s vibrant, colourful and very fashionable this summer! The sporty design means it would be brilliant for my holiday this year!”

If you’d like to win a £450 watch wardrobe of your own – head over to our website to find out how to enter this amazing competition!

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