Pandora at Fabulous- The Latest New Arrivals!

The lovely Natalie from our Pandora store gives us the run-down of our newest Pandora additions from this season’s Pandora collection!

Hello fellow Pandora lovers! I hope you’ve been getting out the barbecues and making the most of the sunshine while it lasts! About time eh?

I am excited to announce that more fabulous charms have been released as part of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection! It’s fair to say that the designers at Pandora have most certainly not let us down with their designs as this new range is full of sparkling cubic zirconia, adorable silver designs and beautifully bright murano glass! There’s even a new safety chain that we’re certain you will absolutely love.


 First up are the dazzling new Openwork Pavé Barrel charms, available in pink (791115CZS)  or clear stones (791115CZ). These are perfect for adding a hint of sparkle without going overboard and they can also be used on the new sterling silver earring barrels! The barrels simply hook on to standard Pandora earring hooks but also allow you to add the fabulous pavé charms to create truly astounding earrings. The beautiful pavé barrel charms are only £45 each and will look truly stunning on any bracelet.

If that’s not enough sparkle for you don’t you fear my friends! This new collection also sees the addition of 3 stunning Openwork charms with dazzling circular cubic zirconia stones available in purple (791153ACZ), silver (791153CZ) or pink (791153CZS).  These charms are ideal to add colour and sparkle and would make beautiful centre pieces for your bracelet. 791153ACZ

The final sparkling pavé addition is the Pink Pavé Heart clip (791053CZS).  This charm is similar to the silver pavé heart clip released with the valentines collection, but has beautiful pink cubic zirconia stones for a truly fabulous design!

Moving away from the sparkle, the new murano glass additions are perfect for adding a splash of colour at the bargain price of only £30! With the Spring/Summer 2013 collection Pandora have begun to experiment a lot more with new effects with murano glass to create stunning jewellery for you, and this is evidently present in the gorgeous new Pandora Pink Ribbon charm.

791604The Pink Ribbon design (791604) is woven in and out of itself to create a beautifully intricate design that looks completely different every time. The other new murano charm, although slightly simpler, doesn’t compromise on quality. This stunning charm is a glossy red colour with small and beautifully delicate pink hearts dotted all around  (790948). Both absolutely gorgeous, both very unique.


This small collection also sees the release of two new silver charms. The first is the  adorable Love Kittens charms (791119) which has fabulous detail throughout, particularly with the facial features. At the back of the charm the cats tails join together to create a heart shape. This charm is perfect as a gift for a birthday or anniversary or even just to surprise that special someone at £30.

791088The final silver charm is the Eternal Love sterling silver and hearts safety chain (791088). This has a beautifully simple design with a row of hearts through the centre of each bead and silver chain. This safety chain is £35 and is available in 4cm, 5cm and 6cm. We always recommend that you purchase a safety chain at some point as they provide that extra bit of insurance if the worst should happen to your bracelet.

Finally, Pandora have released an absolutely fabulous pendant within this collection. This is called the Faith, Hope and Love trinity (791120CZS)  and features a sterling silver heart with a pink cubic zirconia stone set within a star design, a sterling silver anchor and a sterling silver cross. This beautiful piece can be worn on either the charm bracelet or the necklace allowing it to be a truly diverse addition to your Pandora collection.

791119As you can see there are some absolutely gorgeous new additions to the Spring/Summer 2013 collection so make sure you pop in-store and check them out! We love them here at Pandora Bath, and we think you will too.

Natalie x

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