My Fabulous Watch Wardrobe: Rhian

Name: Rhian

Position: eCommerce Manager

Store: Website (fabulous HQ)

Age: 28

Ice Watch - Child Proof!

Ice Watch – Child Proof!


“I love hanging out with my nephews, Jake is two and a half and Isaac is an adorable three months old and they’re amazing. There is always a chance that I’m going to be splashed from a bath, or clambered on so I wear my Ice Watch. It’s bright, bold and most importantly, water proof!”

BCBG - Date Night

BCBG – Date Night


“Jamie bought me my BCBG watch for Christmas and I don’t feel right without it now. It’s a great everyday watch. I love the masculine styling and the Black and Rose Gold chronograph, I always get complimented on it and it will always be on my wrist on date night!”

Moschino - Girls' Night Out

Moschino – Girls’ Night Out

the-girls“If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you’ll know that I’ve recently got a Moschino watch and I’m obsessed with it! It comes with a Leather strap as well as a Moschino scarf so you can mix and match – you can also add your own scarves so I have a watch that matches every outfit! It’s a real statement watch and I love popping to a vintage shop to pick out a new scarf to match my outfit for that weekend, it’s the perfect watch for drinks with the girls and will definitely be coming on holiday with me this year!”

If you’d like to win a £450 watch wardrobe of your own – head over to our website to find out how to enter this amazing competition!

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