CHAVIN…a jewellery brand with a conscience

Chavin Jewellery

Everything about Chavin’s collection of jewellery is vibrant, from its colourful Caring Bracelets to the multi coloured (and eco- friendly) packaging, making this collection perfect for the summer!

Each piece of jewellery is available in sterling silver or rose gold with designs inspired by the rich mythology and culture of Peru. The beautiful Jaguar collection has taken the silhouette jaguar head logo of the brand and fashioned it into feminine and quirky designs with unique earring and necklace sets, whilst the Heart collection brings a touch of romance with simple silhouette hearts as well as delicate filigree pendants. But our favourite of the moment has to be the friendship bracelets! Whether worn solo or stacked up on the wrist, Chavin’s brightly coloured Caring Bracelets are the perfect way to add a splash of colour and festival chic to your outfit. Each colour is named after a Peruvian mother who directly benefits from the sale of each bracelet.

Chavin has partnered with the international charity SOS Children who provide support for orphans and vulnerable children. By supporting the family strengthening programme in Northern Lima, Chavin are helping mothers and their families torn apart by poverty. So do your bit for charity whilst looking fabulous with Chavin’s collection of Caring Bracelets!

Chavin Caring Bracelet Stack!

Meet the Peruvian mothers Chavin support and hear their stories…

JULIA is a mother of three who takes a leading roll at the Luz Y Vida family strengthening programme and has been an active participant since its start in 2006. She learned her skills to make jewellery using plastic pearls and metal filaments and now sells it to secure a small additional income for her family.

VICTORIA is a single mother with two beautiful twins, Avril and Becquer, 4 years old. Victoria’s participation in the SOS Children programme has given her the ability and confidence to earn money through the sale of winter clothing.

MARGARITA is a SOS Mother who has been a pioneer in pursuing and strengthening the affectionate bond between the children and their families of origin. She has encouraged the importance of education and the overcoming of difficulties through life in every child she took care of.

OTILIA is a mother of two who has been in the family strengthening programme for two years. She has been actively involved in the program and has learned how to run a small fruit business which secures a steady income for her family.

CYNTHIA is a mother of five who currently attends one of SOS Children’s programmes. Cynthia works with the children of the program within the development workshops. 

VALERIA is an SOS Mother who is very committed to the development of the children and adolescents who receive her love, confidence and support that will help them to overcome their difficulties and bad memories and achieve a brighter future. 

DIANA is a single mother with a two year old girl who attends one of the SOS Children’s child minding programmes. This gives Diana the ability to make a living crafting and selling hand-made jewellery, a skill she learned at the workshops within the SOS Children programme. 

ELIZABETH is a mother of three children under the age of two who teaches other mothers the skills to create commercial costume jewellery in the jewellery workshops in the SOS Children Community Home. 

The Chavin collection is available online and in our Bath store. Read our Chavin interview for more information about the brand and their work with SOS Children here.

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