Chlobo CLOUD9 Collection

“In such an idyllic setting with an overwhelming sense of love and romance in the air, the day was just perfect… I was on cloud 9!”                  -Chloe Moss

Cloud 9 Stack (2) copy

The beautiful Cloud9 collection from Chlobo has arrived here at fabulous and we’ve wasted no time trying on each piece and picking our favourites!! Whether you are new to Chlobo or already an avid collector, we know you are going to love these new season designs!

Featuring Labradorite, Red Tigers Eye and Bamboo Coral stones combined with symbols of protection and love, this collection is stunning and perfect for jewellery lovers who love to stack and layer! Even more, for the first time, Chlobo has used Gold plating giving some of Chlobo’s most popular designs a new edge and beach-ready look.


This new collection was inspired by Chloe’s trip to Lake Como last year where she attended a friends wedding. Each stone was chosen in reminder of the scenery and atmosphere of Lake Como from its glistening waters to the red sky at night. Labradorite is a healing stone known as the stone of spiritual wakening and is a lovely stone for the sunshine in a fresh grey tone. Red Tigers Eye is a stone believed to bring success and good fortune which glistens with faceted beads in bracelets teamed with symbols of protection and happiness. Bamboo Coral is said to bring wisdom and is one of the seven treasures in Buddhist scripture. In many of the pieces, this stone has been teamed with 24ct Gold Vermeil for a lovely summer’s accessory!

The Mini Cute Bracelets already so popular in Sterling Silver (with fabulous & celebrities alike!) are now available in 24ct Gold Vermeil which will look fab stacked together! We particularly love the Cute Bracelet with a Dragonfly, a stylish good luck charm and a symbol of magic!

Be the first to get this collection and shop online here with free delivery! We also offer free gift wrap too, perfect if you want to give a loved one a stylish Easter treat!

cloud 9 store

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