Spring Fair International 2013 Jewellery Trends

We were pleased to recently attend this year’s Spring Fair, the annual event held at the Birmingham NEC, giving us the opportunity to spend hours viewing new jewellery collections and meeting some fab designers! Here are some of our highlights of the fair and a little insight into the latest jewellery trends…

Trend spot – Colour

The Spring Fair is the best way to see some amazing jewellery and for showcasing this year’s hottest trends, colours, and patterns! What caught my eye from the off was COLOUR! It was everywhere! Many designers have introduced wonderful turquoises, blues and greens to their collections to give a real summery feel! Whilst looking at Missoma’s new collection I noticed a lot of Aqua and Blue Chalcedony, which had organic and stylish shapes to them to create a fresh, light, and easy to wear look which is perfect for a summer holiday!

Ally, Dani & Rhian with Linda Macdonald

Pandora have introduced two new faceted glass murano’s in teal and sea blue, which will go perfectly with a classic bracelet and teamed with a few silver charms in between! The great thing about beautiful shades of blue and green is that they compliment all colours, so whether you’re a gold or silver kinda gal, you can include these new shades into your current collections.

Animal trends in jewellery, and in particular the elephant, is still a strong theme. The elephant is a symbol for strength, and Daisy continues to feature this in their Karma collection as well as the new Halo collection, & features in Blossom Copenhagen’s classic and feminine designs & Missoma’s Ark collection.

I also got the chance to have a chat with many of our fabulous designers, including Missoma’s Marissa and Linda from Linda MacDonald (and get a quick photo with her..!)

 – Ally (Leamington Spa) x


Trend Spot – Charm bracelets

I was very much looking forward to seeing what this year’s Spring Fair had to offer, and it was apparent that charm bracelets are still as popular as ever across all collections this year, with each designer taking this popular concept and adding their own twist.

I spotted a lovely wrap bracelet as I admired the many collections  that could also be worn as a necklace, with a choice of interchangeable charms and gem drops for a real versatile look. Trollbeads continue to do an excellent selection of glass beads in every colour you can think of, an important aspect for this designer which others may lack. I also looked at Chamilia’s collection, a brand not stocked at fabulous but well known for its charm bracelet. This collection could appeal to younger generations as unlike similar designers, Chamilia are licensed to carry Disney themed charms, however I think they lack the desire and appeal that other charm bracelet brands carry off so well.  Nomination still stand alone with their unique take on the classic charm bracelet. Made from Stainless Steel, Nomination charms are linked together using a spring system to create a band of charms. This unique design sees Nomination stand out as a designer and has long been a best selling collection here at fabulous!

But despite the competition, Pandora is still one of the most popular designers when it comes to charm bracelets, and I am a huge fan as I believe the quality and style is second to none. I have now had my bracelet for 3 years and I still get excited when they bring out new charms! I was lucky enough to see their newest collection and I have to say that it is the most commercial collection to date! I for one am very excited about the new charms and jewellery pieces and have already decided what I will be adding to my growing collection! In my opinion Pandora are just as fabulous as ever and at the top of charm bracelet designs!

Laura (Bath) x

Trend Spot– Interchangeable pendants

The next big thing to hit the jewellery industry? Interchangeable pendants! Walking around the Spring Fair it was clear that the new craze is this inspiring design that allows you to easily change the look of your necklace and was the key focus in design in a huge number of collections.

One designer that we all loved and who we think has taken the concept of interchangeable pendants and produced it just perfectly is Nikki Lissoni – a new name for fabulous and a collection we are eagerly awaiting to arrive in store!

The great thing about this collection is that you can change the coin inside the pendant to suit your mood or style, letting your personality shine! Nikki Lissoni’s range allows you to choose from a collection of chains in many different styles and lengths. You then need to choose a carrier which comes in 3 different sizes depending on whether you like big jewellery or prefer something a little smaller. All of the chains and carriers come in sterling silver, gold plating and rose gold plating. With the composable option you can choose whether you want your necklace completely silver or whether you want to mix it up a little!

After falling in love with this design I am already the proud owner of a Nikki Lissoni necklace – personally I love the combination of silver and rose gold so I chose the silver necklace with a rose gold carrier – giving myself the option to wear either silver or rose gold coins. I absolutely LOVE my Nikki Lissoni necklace and I know you will too! Watch this space….!

Michelle (Leamington Spa) x


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