Fabulous Team Christmas Wish List – Sinade

Name – Sinade


Position – Retail and Creative Manager

Where will you be this Christmas? I will spend Christmas, as I do every year, at home with my 3 brothers, 2 sisters, my mom, dad and Barry the bulldog.

sinade dog

What do you love most about Christmas? My favourite thing about Christmas, other than buying people gifts, is that my whole family are in the house together, at the same time!  And although we are all old enough to know better, when we are together we can’t help but get up way before the sun to see what Father Christmas has bought for us – which means we all get our post dinner nap!

wish sinadeFabulous wish list: At the very top of my fabulous wish list is another BCBG watch, I love the new stainless steel watch with moving crystals – its perfect for everyday and to dress up at night.  I’d also love, as always, another addition to my ChloBo stack, maybe something from the ‘Wish Collection’ as i think the ‘believe’ and ‘wish’ charms are beautiful. And if i’m really lucky…another Pure Attraction bracelet to sit with my Rhodium one. pureattractionstack

Others: One of the best things about christmas is being treated to my new slippers, pyjamas and cosmetics and I’m always excited to see what my family pick out for me.

Smell of Christmas: The German Market that comes to Birmingham always brings with it lots of Christmassy smells and I visit it every year with friends and family.

Taste of Christmas: This has to be Brandy Snaps!!  My mom buys me a pack just for myself and doesn’t forget the extra thick cream, yum!

Sound of Christmas: Other than my brothers and sisters whispering from about 2am about whether its ‘time to go see our presents yet’ it would have to be Elton John – Step into Christmas, its a classic!

german market

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