Fabulous Team Christmas Wish List – Jo

Name: Jo Stroud

Position: Owner of Fabulous

Where will you be this Christmas? In our stores while our customers are still out shopping; then up in Scotland with my parents-in-law for a couple of days.

What do you love most about Christmas? The buzz! It’s such a sociable time of year, and people are generally so much happier and relaxed, which makes it a really fun time to be in retail.

Jo's wish list from fabulous

Glam Rock watch, Lulu Guinness watch and Pure Attraction.

Fabulous wish list: Since we started stocking watches at fabulous a few months’ ago, I have become obsessed! I love every new collection we get in, and already have a Lulu Guinness watch and a Glam Rock one on my Wish List. I also recently decided that I really love Rose Gold, having been unsure about it for years – so I have some pieces from Tresor Paris and Pure Attraction on my list too! 

Lulu Guinness

Fabulous Lulu Guinness Lips carry-on

What else would you like to find under the tree? Now that we are stocking Lulu Guinness watches, I have started looking at her other accessories, and have fallen in love with her bright pink carry-on luggage, embossed with her signature lip design. It’s truly fabulous!

Smell of Christmas: Definitely turkey, roasting in the oven. I’m one of these people that has to have turkey as many times as possible over the Christmas season, I never get fed up with it!

Taste of Christmas:  Bucks fizz first thing on Christmas morning – a long-standing tradition in my family.

Sounds of Christmas:
When we were young, my Dad used to play ‘House of the Rising Sun’ at full volume on Christmas morning, to get us out of bed – not a Christmas song, but again, a family tradition that continues to this day!

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