Christmas Kick Off Quiz

For the 6th year in a row, we held our Christmas Kick Off Quiz in the stores this week – an intershop challenge designed to test product knowledge about the designers and collections that we stock, and to test the teams’ ability to come up with interesting and appropriate gift suggestions for customers, at this busy time of year.


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We always hold the Quiz just as the Christmas season is about to get into full swing, to get everyone excited about the collections for Christmas. It’s always a fun event – with several different rounds and various individual and team challenges – interspersed with pizza and a few glasses of wine – but it has a serious aim of giving staff an opportunity to show us how much they know. Product knowledge is always a continual challenge in a multi-brand store, with collections changing all the time and new designers being added every season – and we expect our fabulous staff have to know about over 30 different designers, from big brands like Pandora, Swarovski, Ice-Watch, to smaller designers like Dinny Hall, Lund and Linda Macdonald.

I worked as a Training Manager for a book retail chain years ago, long before I set up fabulous, and used to create all sorts of fun activities to train new store staff. I carried many of these ideas over into fabulous, as we pride ourselves on giving customers great service, in-store and online, and that means being seriously knowledgeable, in addition to being friendly, helpful and efficient. The Christmas Kick Off has been a key feature of our training for many years, as a fun way of testing this knowledge,” explains Jo.

Training on designers, brands, materials and collections is something we take very seriously, and Becky Johnson, who manages both our Bath stores, is also our Training Manager, ensuring product knowledge is at the forefront of our staff training.

Huge congratulations this year to one of our Solihull team – Victoria, who is our Retail Supervisor – and to Natalie, who works part-time in our Pandora store in Bath, for each winning the individual prizes this year. Now we’re all set for Christmas!


Laura and Elly practice their gift wrapping skills.

1.How many centimetres is a 16 inch chain?

2. Name at least two TV shows that Tresor Paris has appeared on? for a bonus point, where is this brand from?

3. In which Italian city is Murano Glass made?

4. Gold naturally comes out of the ground as a yellow colour, hence yellow gold. Other metals are added to it to change its colour and to harden it. What is added to make Rose Gold?


The fabulous prizes

1. 40/41 centimetres
2. Made in Chelsea, The Only way is Essex, London
3. Venice
4. Copper

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