Fabulous Team Christmas Wish List – Gaia

Name: Gaia

Store: Bath

Position: Full Time


Where will you be this Christmas? I will be in Dorset with my family having a very merry Christmas.

What do you love most about Christmas? I have a big family so this is the time of year we can all get together and see each other, that for me is the best time.

Trollbeads Murano Charm

Trollbeads Murano Charm from fabulouscollections.co.uk

What’s on your Fabulous wish list?I love Trollbreads and ChloBo, I have a Trollbeads bracelet and I love the colours and the detail of the charms, I’d love some more

Chlobo bracelet from fabulouscollections.co.uk

Chlobo bracelet from fabulouscollections.co.uk

Murano glass charms and I also love their necklaces. I would be happy with anything from ChloBo as I love the whole range, it’s really wearable and stackable.

What else would you like to find under the tree? I love my music so vouchers and CDs are top of my list, maybe some skin care and body scrubs for some festive pampering and I could do with a nice scarf and gloves for winter.

Smell of Christmas: Definitely cant wait to smell my Mum and Dads cooking and the fire my Dad loves to make. I don’t mind the smell of mulled wine either!

Taste of Christmas: Wine, chocolate, mince pies.

Sounds of Christmas: It would be my Dad playing his guitar and my sister playing the piano. I love a good Christmas album.

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