We LOVE Daisy’s Alpha Rings!

Loved by fashionistas everywhere, Daisy’s Alpha Rings are cool, personal and simply F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S! 

A cute take on the stacking rings concept, these rings are stunning in 24ct Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver. Each ring is £37 and a perfect stand alone piece that will complete your style day to day, whilst stacked together they can spell out something meaningful to you!

Keep it simple with your initials or name stacked on the same finger, or get really creative and spell something fun and inspiring across all your fingers! A cute love heart and star is also included in the collection that adds a playful touch alongside the letters!


Daisy jewellery has long been loved by celebrities, with the Chakra bracelets becoming ever popular with its fashionable interpretation of the ancient Buddhist chakra symbols. Like the Chakra bracelets, Daisy’s stylish Good Karma collection is as beautiful as it is inspiring, and we could not think of anything better to compliment these collections than their Alpha Rings!

Alpha Rings in the November Issue of Vogue

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