ChloBo ‘After Dark’ Collection

As the city’s lights switch on at dusk, the place becomes a twinkling kingdom and the glitz and glam come out to play. It was whilst having dinner in a restaurant called 360, high above the rooftops with the stunning city below, that I thought of the name for this collection – After Dark!” Chloe Moss

The gorgeous After Dark collection from ChloBo was inspired by Chloe’s trip to Istanbul and its sparkly additions are the perfect pieces to compliment the metallic trends for A/W 2012.

Featuring Haematite and Pyrite stones combined with symbols of protection and love, this collection is simply stunning and a must have addition to your stack this season!

As with ChloBo’s other collections, the stones and symbols in After Dark have been chosen carefully with regard to their symbolism. Haematite is a calming stone that is said to balance out emotions and energies, whilst Pyrite’s resemblance to Gold made it a traditional symbol for money and good luck. These are comprised with Sterling Silver and Rhodium plating, chosen to enhance the sparkle of the semi precious stones! The Hamsa Hand, Peace Sign and Cross symbols are used in this collection which have become recognisable ChloBo charms. The Hamsa Hand is a protective sign that is said to bring happiness, health and good fortune; the Peace sign is a symbol of love and tranquillity; and the Cross is worn for protection and to ward off evil.

Also included in this collection are some gorgeous stud earrings that will look fabulous worn with your ChloBo stack!

This stunning collection is available in our stores and online at, so be the first to give your ChloBo collection a touch of sparkle!

A pick of our favourites…

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