Commemorate, celebrate and have fun with Nomination!

The idea for a ‘composable’ bracelet that is fashionable and expresses individuality, was originated by Paolo Gensini in the small town of Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence in Italy. Gensini devised the modern day charm bracelet, comprised by a series of Stainless Steel links that are connected by a spring-loaded mechanism, making it easy for links to be removed and replaced.

With over 1,000 links to choose from, Nomination gives you the chance to create a highly personal and completely unique piece of jewellery that tells your story. Create a personal bracelet that celebrates people, places and occasions that are meaningful to you, or create a fashionable accessory with colours and stones that you love! 

The choice of charms is endless; animals, letters, birthstones, numbers, landmarks, flags, good luck charms and hanging charms – the choice is yours! All Nomination charms are 18ct. Gold, as well as featuring Enamel, Cubic Zirconia, Semi Precious stones and Diamonds.

Be patriotic with a country flag, or remember that fantastic holiday by adding the flag to your bracelet. The gorgeous Angel in Gold or coloured Enamel is very popular and the perfect Christmas gift! (Okay so it is a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but it is always good to be prepared!) Nomination’s Olympic Rings have been the perfect addition this month after a fantastic two weeks of sport in London, whilst their animal charms are always popular – particularly the cute Gold Dalmatian and Double Gold Cats!

Add some glamour to your bracelet with the gorgeous hanging butterflies that are made from crystallised Swarovski elements! This is a favourite charm here at fabulous and is available in six different colours: violet, pink, fuchsia, green, white and champagne! 

Once you have chosen your Nomination charm, take out a plain link from your bracelet and attach the new charm in its place. Keep the plain links and attach them together to start another bracelet for yourself, or give it to someone else to start their own collection!

We have stocked Nomination since our first store opened in 2005, and it has fast become our most popular bracelets amongst all age ranges. Our starter bracelets feature 18 links, plus the first chosen charm. Prices range from £25 – £44 depending on your selected charm. Additional links can be bought if you need it bigger, or you can just take some out to make it smaller. On average, you need around 18 links to fit around a woman’s wrist and 22 to fit around a man’s. This versatility makes Nomination bracelets the perfect gift! 

Nomination bracelets and charms are sold with silk pouches, but come without a jewellery box as they are designed to be worn all the time. Personalising your own bracelet means that you will never need to take it off and it can be worn on any occasion! Nomination charms are very hard wearing and will not tarnish, but as with most jewellery, it is best not to wear your bracelet in water as you risk the enamel wearing away, and water getting into the links!

Genuine Nomination charms have ‘Nomination’ engraved on the front of the link and on the underside it says ‘Stainless Steel Nomination’ with the trademark ‘R’’. If it doesn’t, then it is not a genuine Nomination charm!

Simple, commemorative, celebratory and well, they look great! We stock Nomination in all our stores and they can be bought online with free UK delivery. Visit our website now to see our Nomination collection!

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