We love…Moschino Scarf Watch

We love Moschino’s collection of watches which offers new and innovative ways to wear your accessories.

Scarf Watches, from £95 to £135

In our quest to bring you the most exciting watches to join our jewellery collection, we were attracted to Moschino’s fun and inspiring collection that never fails to make us smile!

Each watch features a stunning dial embossed in a Moschino heart logo to accompany a gorgeous silk scarf in a selection of eye-catching designs.

This ‘Fashion Victim’ watch uses the scarf as a strap to create a unique and stylish accessory. Additionally, it comes with a leather strap for further versatility, allowing you to wear your scarf as an additional accessory to your watch!

White dial and Pink Heart Scarf is a current favourite with our Leamington team!

With or without the watch dial, knot it around your waist, on the strap of a bag, through the loops of your jeans, hung around your neck or worn as a headband – you can be as creative as you like with your scarf and watch to match your day to day style or mood!


                So, how will you wear yours..?

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