Pandora is celebrating its 30th birthday this year!

Pandora, the ever-popular charm bracelet and jewellery brand, has had a remarkable journey from being a small Danish jewellery shop to a world-leading international brand.

In celebration of its 30th birthday the brand has compiled its own list of Unforgettable Moments – just like Pandora customers do on their bracelets! Here are a few of these special Pandora moments that we thought you might not already know…..

  • It was 1982 in Copenhagen and Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife opened their first jewellery shop. The couple would go on to be at the helm of a world renowned jewellery brand!
  • At the end of 1999, after several months of developing and testing various creative ideas, the first in-house jewellery designers employed by Per created the Pandora charm bracelet concept. The way Pandora charms twist onto the bracelets is actually patented to Pandora.
  • Until early 2000, the concept wasn’t called Pandora – it didn’t have a name at all! There had been an internal competition for employees to come up with a brand name but with only hours to go until printing deadlines for the marketing material there was no winner! A school girl who had been helping at the office suggested “Pandora” – distinct, memorable and easily pronounceable in different languages!
  • When Pandora bracelets first when on sale in February 2000, the charm collection was made up of only 15 charms! Ten of which are still available today, including the well-liked strawberry.
  • In 2003, the first Pandora shop in America was opened, in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • 2008 was the year that Pandora first advertised on television.
  • Pandora celebrated becoming one of the world’s three largest jewellery brands in 2009.
  • During the Summer of 2009 an important moment took place in bringing fans of Pandora together –the first ever message posted on the brand’s Facebook page invited them to share their favourite charms.
  • On an Autumn day in 2011, Pandora had a royal moment! HRH Princess Marie of Denmark was spotted wearing Pandora!
  • Also in 2011, the Pandora angel became the most widely worn charm as its unit sales passed the 2.5 million mark!

To help celebrate this special birthday, Pandora are giving something back to its loyal fans…. From Monday 16th April until Sunday 22nd April 2012 shoppers can receive a FREE Pandora Silver Bracelet worth £55 (product code 590702HV) if they spend £125 or more on Pandora!

This offer is subject to terms and conditions. The complimentary bracelet is 590702HV and cannot be returned for a refund. Image of bracelet shown for display purpose only. One bracelet per customer. Subject to availability. Please ask in-store for details. Excludes Northern Ireland.

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