Pandora Price Changes

From today, some Pandora items will retail at a lower price in all stockists, including fabulous. Here’s why…

In response to customer feedback, Pandora has decided to reduce the price of some of its pieces as they acknowledge they have increased too much over the past few years. Pandora has always aimed to create beautiful pieces of jewellery that are an affordable luxury to many fashionable ladies wanting to mark their unforgettable moments, and they feel the lower prices will benefit everyone.

Not all Pandora prices will be reduced, nor will every piece be reduced by the same amount due to the differences in designs and materials used. The items included in the price reduction have been so because they were highlighted in customer feedback. Also, if you visit a Pandora stockist abroad, you will notice prices are different to in the UK – this has always been the case due to variations in distribution structures, retailer and tax margins to name a few!

However, the quality and production of Pandora charms and jewellery will not change in any way.

Pandora were aiming to have updated their promotional material with the new prices by today and so hopefully our stores will receive new brochures very soon. If you have any queries about the price of individual items, please call one of our stores!

The latest collection of Pandora charms features 92 designs starting at lower price points than before – just in time for Mother’s Day!

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