The Next Big Thing!

It’s always important for us at fabulous to make sure we have our finger on the fashion pulse – so Laura from the Bath store updates us on what jewellery we should be wearing this season!

I recently had the chance to visit the NEC’s Jewellery Show at Spring Fair, which gave me the opportunity to look out for the Next Big Thing in jewellery!

There were a few stand out themes I spotted at the show, including the sheer amount of gold jewellery on display. After talking to the various brand managers they informed me that gold is becoming much more popular. Clogau in particular are a Welsh brand which uses elements of Welsh gold in their pieces, interestingly they are also linked to the Royal Family as Kate Middleton’s wedding band incorporates Welsh gold. This theme of royalty and ‘British-ness’ was very apparent during the show due to the upcoming jubilee and Olympics. Sphere of Life, Nomination and Pandora have all made reference to this in their new collections.

However, for me the Next Big Thing is jewellery inspired by different eras. Lola Rose for example introduced the use of bright purples, oranges and yellows in their collection which is very reminiscent of the 1960s. Also they had a lovely black cuff which was very art deco inspired! Swarovski also went for the 60s look – their new collection is called Sweet Sixties and includes big statement pieces and bold shapes. During the catwalk show the music was very 60s and the styling featured Mod-type shirts and monochrome. Jersey Pearl was another brand which used the 1920’s as inspiration, celebrating the elegant designs of a decade which saw pearls first come to the masses.

If you would like to get a closer look at jewellery through the decades then make sure you come along to the Girls’ Night Out fashion shows in March at either Leamington or Solihull!

And here’s some shots from the Catwalk Show we saw….

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