fabulous Visit Brown & Newirth

The fabulous girls went behind the scenes to see how our fabulous forever range of wedding rings are made!

Last week some of us at fabulous were lucky enough to visit Brown and Newirth, the company who make our fabulous forever wedding and engagement rings.

We were invited to choose a ring design that we could follow through the entire manufacturing process and at the end of the day we were kindly allowed to keep them, which was a lovely surprise!

What we found most impressive was that every ring is hand made! And each person in their maze of a workshop (!) specialises in one particular part of the manufacturing process, many of whom travel over an hour to work every day because there are so few jobs requiring their unique skills in the country. Meeting all these very skilled people made us feel a bit useless! It was so interesting to see a company whose foundations are built on the history of British design and manufacture.

We learnt how every ring starts life as a “doughnut” of metal and then is subjected to high temperatures and pressure to size the ring as required. This means – as cheesy as it sounds – that the wedding rings they produce are an endless band of love! There are no seams to the bands and so they are also much more visually pleasing.

During the next stage we saw how the design of the ring was implemented – most of us chose a ring that had a diamond cut pattern on it, which created a super sparkly effect. One of the girls chose a design which had a heart pattern, so in order to see this take shape we visited the lasering room, which houses very expensive and rare equipment – it houses one of only two machines in the whole of the UK! It is so special because it can create very intricate designs, and the team will take on any pattern given to them by a customer. We admired some of their sample rings, and they were all very unusual!

After our rings had been made, the final process they went through was rhodium plating, to give them a shiny polished finish. Our rings were made in Sterling Silver and the rhodium will help to stop them tarnishing as quickly as non-plated Sterling Silver might do.

We really enjoyed our workshop tour and getting to meet the people who make our fabulous forever range – it’s always good to put some faces to names! Everyone there was so friendly and nothing was too much trouble, from fetching us more biscuits to completing bespoke wedding and engagement rings! Brown and Newirth’s tagline is “A Dedication to Perfection”, and after our visit we totally understood why.

Take a look at the fabulous forever range here.

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