Leamington Becomes Even More fabulous!

Alex, the newest Leamington employee, gives us an account of the days leading up to the store’s re-opening

What a week!! Having started working at fabulous only a week before the shop refurbishment, with three days of training under my belt, it has been pretty hectic, but exciting too!

Saturday 29th Excitement is in the air.

The much awaited shop expansion and re-fit is imminent, and everyone is working hard to move the stock to its temporary home in our new office space just round the corner from the Royal Priors Centre. No longer will our manager, Gill, be working out the back of the shop – where it’s a bit cold, but will instead have the lovely new (and pink, of course) office to work in!

Monday 1st Fabulous closes!!

The two day refit to expand the shop begins today. There is lots to do in preparation for the launch party on Thursday. Everyone is in the office today, so the store team gets a rare chance to work alongside the fabulous web team and fabulous’ owner, Jo. We’re kept busy with gift wrapping – we need 85 presents for the launch party’s Luxury Lucky Dip! It’s fun to eye up all the prizes – there’s some really lovely jewellery up for grabs!

Tuesday 2nd Tension mounts!

I was in the office again today but I had a cheeky peek at the shop – it looks a lot like a building site at the moment! Everyone has their fingers crossed it will be ready on time for the opening tomorrow… tension mounts! Still, the builders are working hard so we get to work handing out invitations across town to some local businesses; we want the launch party to be a success with lots of people checking out the new store. Everyone is discussing what outfits they will wear, looks like it’s dresses all the way!

Wednesday 3rd The shop re–opens!

Today is all about our exciting new products! The whole team is bustling around getting the jewellery out of storage and into the display cabinets, ensuring it looks its very best! Everyone is excited about the new Tresor Paris bracelets, favoured by the stars of The Only Way is Essex and we had our first ever delivery of watches. Bering, the beautiful Danish watch brand, looks even better in the flesh than in the catalogue! I think everyone here has their eye on the limited edition design, which is not only stunning but also, 10% of its profits will be donated by Bering to support the protection of polar bears in the Arctic – so it’s a win-win situation! Unfortunately we found out the builders are a bit behind, so there is a last minute push to get everything sorted and we finally open at, a slightly later than planned, 3.30pm. Phew!

Thursday 3rd Launch Day!!

Open for business as usual, we all familiarise ourselves with the new store whilst speedy preparations continue behind the scenes.

At 6.00pm, we open our doors, with the store looking it’s most fabulous ever! The launch is a big success with over 70 people turning up for a browse of the latest collections. with a glass of bubbly and a nibble on the delicious canapés. The atmosphere is buzzing and we all have smiles on our faces as we chat to the customers about their fabulous Wish Lists. The Wish Lists are a great way of making a note of all the things you have your eye on at fabulous, which we can then keep on file so when someone pops into store to buy you something special, they know just what you are hoping for! Until the end of November, everyone who completes a Wish List will be entered into a prize draw to win a gold Pandora bracelet!

All in all, I found the week hectic and challenging but really fun!

The staff have been great and have really made me feel part of the team, and the fabulous atmosphere is so welcoming, it’s a great place to work – and shop of course! So, despite a scary first week, I’m really glad to have been a part of it and am already looking forward to seeing you all in the new Leamington store soon!

Take a look at all the photos from the launch evening here.

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